Weight Loss Plateau Got You Down?

Being stuck at a weight loss plateau is extremely frustrating. You are still dieting and exercising but the scale doesn’t budge. What gives? And your first instinct to start eating less is completely wrong.

Here are some tips to handle the dreaded weight loss plateau:

* You might not be losing weight, but you might be losing inches and fat. Take your measurements and calculate your body fat as well as stepping on the scale.
* Don’t torture yourself – weigh yourself only once a week. And make sure you aren’t aiming for an unrealistic goal for your bone structure and age. If you are middle-aged, do you really need to get back down to what you weighed in high school? Is it even wise or healthy?
* Shake up your exercise routine.  Do something different than what you normally do. If you usually walk, lift weights.  If you usually do yoga, ride your bike.
* Eating more and exercising more can snap your metabolism out of a slump.
* To make sure you aren’t gradually sliding back into your old way of eating, keep a journal for a week or so.
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* Eat six small meals each day including some protein at each.
* Never try to save calories by skipping breakfast.
* Lack of sleep increases fat-storing hormones, so make sure you get plenty of sleep.

Try some of these tips and see if they help. If that is not enough, we recommend you try a new diet program, one that is designed to increase your metabolism while letting you eat the foods you love.

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