The Question “Why Can’t I Lose Weight?” and How to Answer It

Many ask weight themselves “Why can’t I lose weight?” and it is a question that haunts them. Weight loss can be a long hard process that can add stress and frustration to your life. Many wonder what they can do in order to finally see results that could make them feel better about the way they look. There may be a number of factors that lead to problems with losing weight. Lifestyle, family, or environmental issues may need to be addressed to reach the results that you have wanted to see.

There are some underlying factors that can be against you if you have troubles losing weight. A close look at those issues may help you to determine what may be hindering you,  make a change for the better, and finally lose weight and feel the way you have wanted to feel.
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Everyone has a metabolism and each is different. The faster the metabolism, the easier it is for you to lose weight. We all want a fast metabolism, but some just not genetically made that way. There are a few tricks that you can do to speed it up on your own. Working out is a great way to naturally speed up your metabolism to see results. Building muscle on your body promotes metabolism increase and weight loss.

Sorry, Ladies

It is a known fact that women are just naturally unlucky when it comes to losing weight compared to the male counterpart. Men have more muscle mass, which helps them to naturally have a faster metabolism. Women have to work harder to achieve that weight loss compared to men, which can be frustrating. Men are built larger and can burn more calories in a given time than compared to women. Also, women have more fat on their bodies than men. They are built for childbirth and have slightly different build then men which can also be a hindrance in weight loss.

Stress Factor

We all handle stress differently. Some are eaters at special occasions, after a bad day, a birthday celebration, or bored while watching television. Some even eat during all of those emotions, and that can lead to bad habits that will lead to a life struggling with weight. When you Limit stress in your life, you can help focus on the real issues in your life, and weight loss is included in that. When you cut the stress and the things that trigger stress in your life, you are able to clear your mind and your body of toxic things and really see results and feel great.

When we ask ourselves, “Why can’t I lose weight”, you need to consider all of the issues around you. That includes how you see family members carry weight and how they lose it. Limit stressful situations from your life like the ones that can be avoided, eat right and work out. In the end, if you still are unsatisfied with the way you look or lose weight, look for the advice of a medical professional. Underlying health issues could be a reason as to why you are not seeing results that you work to achieve. You want to feel great and losing weight for a healthy lifestyle could just be the way to do it.