Restylane – Lip Lift

Restylane – Lip Lift

What is a Restylane® lip lift?

Restylane® is a patented formula made in Sweden used successfully around the world on millions of people. Because a lip lift using Restylane® is largely composed hyaluronic acid, a natural substance that occurs throughout your body, and other materials, it’s very unusual for there to be any allergic reactions. The FDA approved Restylane® for use in the US in December 2003, and since then it’s use has been increasing for a wide variety of facial procedures like your lip lift, mouth lines or wrinkle smoothing.

Restylane® is a biodegradable substance that is easily absorbed into your body in the form of water and carbon dioxide.  Compared with other facial procedure injectables, Restylane® is relatively longer lasting because treatments usually last at least six months. Injections, using very small amount with very fine needles, have an immediate effect and then disappear over about six months.

A Restylane® lip lift elevates the upper lip relative to your teeth. Happily, it gives you a sunnier appearance with broader smile and wider lips. Your Restylane® lip lift is designed to give you a more youthful, pleasant appearance and more relaxed, pleasing mouth. The procedure is increasingly popular because the vast majority of patients are very happy with the results and continue the treatments over time.

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Who is a good Restylane® lip lift candidate?

As most people age, changes take place to our bones, soft tissue and fat. The bones shrink and the facial tissues atrophy and fall.  This is why Restylane® injections for lip lift procedures are increasingly popular with people who are 35 years old and up and want to maintain a more youthful appearance and more attractive smile. Also, some people have naturally long upper lips and would prefer to show off their teeth more. A lip lift will shorten the upper lift so even people younger than 35 may be interested. Restylane® lip lift procedures reduce and even eliminate deep wrinkles which cannot be successfully addressed with chemical peels or microdermabrasion procedures.

Where should I get my lip lift?

Dr. Morris Ritz is a board certified plastic surgeon with extensive knowledge and experience with skin-enhancement procedures like the Restylane® lip lift. The Chief/Vice Chief of Plastic Surgery Exempla Lutheran Medical Center since 1994, Dr. Morris Ritz offers the best expertise and care available. Specific Restylane® lip lift injection experience is critical to ensure your personal safety and for getting desirable results. Importantly, Dr. Morris Ritz will make sure that you are presented with the most appropriate options for your particular condition and objectives.

A review Dr. Morris Ritz’s credentials will demonstrate that he has the education, training, certification and experience thoughtful patients look for. Dr. Morris Ritz will go over the relevant issues associated with a Restylane® lip lift procedure with each patient, including potential side effects, the impact of your current medications and smoking, and optional procedures that may be appropriate the achieve your desired results. Of course, Dr. Morris Ritz will be there after the procedure to help reduce the risk of potential complications.

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How does a Restylane® lip lift work?

Restylane® lip lift material stays for about six months. Then, another treatment is needed to maintain the desired benefits from a lip lift or other facial procedure. By leveraging hyaluronic acid’s unique ability to bind with water, the benefits from a Restylane® lip lift last longer then other lip lift procedures.
Local anesthesia is typically used for the Restylane® lip lift procedure because some pain and discomfort may be felt by patients during injection with the fine needle. Patients are able to return home after the short procedure which is almost always less than one half hour. The more injections, the longer it takes.

Dr. Morris Ritz uses Restylane® for lip lift procedures because it is a naturally occurring sugar compound that look like a clear gel. Antiseptic swaps are used on the lip location deemed appropriate for the injections. The doctor will determine the amount of Restylane® to be injected in each location. The hyaluronic acid contained in Restylane® attracts water and results in fuller, more beautiful lips. The effect is seen immediately, but the full effect is apparent after about a week.

Alternatives to Restylane® lip lift Procedures

Depending on the patient’s specific circumstances, Dr. Morris Ritz may recommend alternative treatment options including two other hyaluronic acid-based product alternatives to Restylane®. In addition, other good options include minimally invasive procedures like Botox and fat fillers.  Dr. Morris Ritz may recommend that other surgical procedures including facelift, forehead lift, and eyelid surgery. Often, Dr. Morris Ritz will recommend these surgical procedures and other treatments such as chemical peel, laser skin resurfacing, or microdermabrasion in conjunction with a Restylane® lip lift.

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