Low Carb Weight Loss

Low Carb Weight Loss. Okay, I think we have all heard of this one so it’s where to start that’s the problem.

Low Carb diets have been become very recognised in modern times but I must admit that I’m not an advocate of them. Although I believe you will lose weight while you use them, I don’t believe that they constitute a healthy way to go about doing it.

The most commonly used and probably best known of these diets is the Atkins Diet which would only allow a minute allowance of carbohydrates per day which on the whole would generally not even equate to a piece of toast you would normally have for a quick breakfast. This is quite extreme and although this daily allowance will increase after a few weeks, it is very difficult to keep up. This being the case, many people would revert back to the carbs and a number of those would even complain of an increase in weight.

Keeping carbohydrates out can cause lots of ill effects as the body needs good proportions of Carbohydrates, proteins and certain fats. Many people on Low Carb Diets complain of Mood Swings, Constipation, Lethargy and Tiredness which doesn’t sound very healthy at all if you ask me so you need a balance to keep in good shape.

To give you an example of how the likes of these diets affect people I would like to use, and with his kind permission, my brother Mike.

Mike is not an obese guy by any means but has always been a bit heavier than he would like let’s say. He tried the Atkins Diet and to his credit followed it religiously and did very well losing about 24lbs. When he started he weighed in at approx 195lbs so he dropped to say 170lbs. Well done Mike!

When he found the urge to have a piece of bread became too much to bare he found it quite difficult to stop (we all know that craving feeling) and after a very short time had put all the weight back on…plus a couple of pounds for good measure. Boo Michael!

Since then Mike has decided that his woes came from eating bread a bit too much (not unlike a lot of people) and decided to stop eating it unnecessarily, for example having two pieces of bread with meals or three to four rounds with soup etc. and guess what…? You guessed it, Mike is all the way back down to his happy 170lbs weight and although it took him longer, as I said he is happier and feels in control.

No, I’m not an advocate of Low Carb Weight Loss diets but Yes, I do believe that an excess amount of Carbs in your diet promotes weight gain and good Weight Loss Meal Plans will balance it all out and put you in the happy zone.