Looking For A Dr Infrared Heater Click Here To Browse

Looking For A Dr Infrared Heater Click Here To Browse

30 Days Says You’ll Love These Heaters Or Your Money Back!

Dr. Infrared heaters are one of the most dependable infrared heaters we carry.  Dr. Infrared Heater sets itself apart from other brands by being one of the very few that engineer and design all heaters right here in the USA.  All heaters use the newest technologies producing more heat than other models on the market.  Dr. Infrared heaters are straight from factories that supply the largest retail outlets in the U.S., offering factory direct pricing.  

They are committed to providing the best quality product that will help save consumers money on their energy bill.  These guys stand by all their products by having amazing warranties that cover any product defect.   With these heaters you can expect more heat, save more money, while staying warm and operating whisper quite.  

Dr. Infrared heaters are 100% safe to the touch, making them perfect for those with children or pets.  These heaters are also lighter and sit on coasters, making them easy to move from one room to the next.   All of this while still providing 1500W and more than 60% more heat than other heaters. 

These heaters are just as good as other major brands, but at extremely affordable prices.  Dr. Infrared Heaters make sure that you stay warm and save money.  A 30 day money back guarantee assures you will love these heaters.  

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